Before you go writing someone off as an asshole, please give 2 or more valid reasons as to why he/she is said asshole

Otherwise shut your fucking mouth.



Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Extended Version) by Flight Facilities

Hey, if you guys want some music to get hyped about, Flight Facilities is releasing an album soon. Their music is top-notch and you should check them out if you get a chance.

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yooooo krewella fans, just letting ya know that as a fan of krewella myself i’m here for you, if you want to chat or if you want shitty humour.

i’d pay no attention to deadmau5 or his fans. deadmau5 is a fucking twat, i called him out for telling him to credit a guy for using their…

Yet, your url says otherwise. ._.
Not trying to start hate but I find this slightly amusing.

Okay, long story short, I love deadmau5 and his music. The fanbase, like most other fanbases for anything anywhere suck in the majority population. But I’m not the guy who “loves deadmau5” and only listens to Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff and Strobe. I’m not the guy who writes comments on social media posts relating to deadmau5 consisting of unoriginal bad puns of his song titles that have been commented time and time again. I’m not the guy who thinks he’s hot shit because he listens to the biggest guy in Electronic Music. Calling me a ‘fuckn hypocrite’ based on my deadmau5-related url for my deadmau5-related blog gives you no information on my personal life or how I interact in fandoms (which for the most part I try really hard not too). I consider myself a fan of deadmau5, but not a part of “the Horde”. When referring to the deadmau5 fandom I am referring to the loud, obnoxious, and overall annoying pert that everyone sees. Not the ones who can enjoy his music without putting in their dirty 2 cents that they found in the grimy cupholder of their car that hasn’t been cleaned in 7 months.

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the thing I love the most about joel as a person is the fact that he says what EVERYONE THE FUCK ELSE is thinking, and he doesn’t hold back at all. I respect that and him so much. he doesn’t care that he’s labelled the “loud-mouthed dick” of the community, because what he says is fucking true 99.9% of the time.

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yooooo krewella fans, just letting ya know that as a fan of krewella myself i’m here for you, if you want to chat or if you want shitty humour.

i’d pay no attention to deadmau5 or his fans. deadmau5 is a fucking twat, i called him out for telling him to credit a guy for using their edit without their permission and he told me to fuck off. i found it funny myself but i also found it frustrating because he’s condoning behaviour that people are trying to remove in EDM’s culture. and about the permssion thing? he’s suing disney for the exact same fucking thing. he’s suing them over an edit of his song (ghosts n stuff) with mickey sounds plastered over them. and disney fucking credited him.

his fans aren’t that great either, but that’s expected for many artists.

1. You’re one of countless people Joel’s told to fuck off on social media. Get in line with the other people who blow up his twitter every day for things they say that have no relation to him.

2. There was a loophole for something when Joel gave the song for a kinect ad, because him and xbox have done a few things together. The kinect ad was for a star wars game, in which Ghosts N Stuff was used, and Disney owns star wars now. Regardless of whether or not they (disney) had proper usage of the song or not, they took down the video. Not 100% sure about everything but it’s what I picked up from what I read.

3. Yes, deadmau5 fans are terrible.

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I have found no reason to dislike deadmau5.

he’s a memer

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Joel has to dip his nuts into every goddamn situation jfc

What an asshole

Seriously “the only one who does shit” what a fucking dick 

I don’t know what others think, but when I think of Krewella, I think of the 2 girls who “DJ” and hype up the crowd by talking over the music.
And by “DJ” I mean the same talentless thing everyone else does. The way to succeed in EDM doesn’t mean you have to produce good music. Half the people headlining shows and festivals don’t. They are more known for synching up a build up of one song with the breakdown another and slowly moving the mixer towards the new one until the next drop kicks in. Maybe fiddle with a low-pass filter here and there, and a lot of pretending to do stuff.

And by “the guy who actually does shit”, he means what he says. The Krewella girls said they would be better off hiring people on the outside to produce tracks for them than splitting the earnings with him. Joel  knows what he’s talking about. He’s not stupid. It’s not like the guy says something and then 3 days later is all “Oh, sorry I said that. I didn’t mean it. Krewella please like me again”. Still though, I would be surprised if Krewella fell off the map, despite this. Being the sellouts that they are, they’ll probably be playing more with the dude gone and be putting out a lot more “records” under their name. I mean, who wouldn’t want to ghost produce for a popular face in the “EDM” industry? I bet a ton of people will jump at the chance to get their product out there and for shit money too. Anyways, back to deadmau5.

Now do I think Joel’s perfect? No. No one is perfect. He’s a memer anyways, and that’s never good. But just because he likes to bring attention to issues doesn’t make him an asshole or anything like that. He’s being true, and clearly you guys don’t like hearing the truth.

"But Joel’s such an asshole! He’s always doing this"
Yeah because he seems to have no filter, and is the only guy in the “community” with a voice loud enough to call people out and have people pay attention to it. He’s not spewing lies. If he was wrong no one would give a shit. But it’s because he’s right, being brutally blunt, and he’s ‘attacking’ people who aren’t doing what most would do, is why people get angry and upset. No one these days can take criticism and then they go get their dick in a tangle and get back the only way they can. Which is I guess calling Joel an “asshole” and “fucking dick”, among other things, when he’s at no real fault.

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Chris Lake & Joel

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Rob is in.


Idk is this still a thing? I’m playing

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21+ shows are the epitome of everything evil 

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